Advanced Training
Advanced Training
We specialise in advanced training and have gained an excellent reputation which has attracted riders from all over the UK and Europe.
Off Road Training
Off Road Training
New for 2017 - we are opening a facility where basic off road skills can be experienced on our Trial Bikes. A must for slow speed control and balance.
Pass Plus
Pass Plus
Congratulations on passing your test. Your training to date is focused on a standard necessary to pass your DSA test. From here on the focus changes.
Back To Biking
Back To Biking
Back to biking, or just wishing to increase your confidence we can tailor a course to meet your needs.
Training towards a Rospa / IAM riding qualification
Training towards a Rospa / IAM riding qualification
After an advanced qualification or coming up for a retest. With many of our instructors being examiners we are in a position of authority to help you.
DVD Available
DVD Available
We often use cameras as a training aid, but also offer a DVD of your training, which not only captures your riding, but also the instructors commentary.



What type of training is available

All our courses will be taught by a serving or ex-Police officers who also have teaching experience which means as well as being an extremely competent and professional rider, they also have the communication skills to pass on their knowledge and experience to you. You will also benefit from bike to bike radio communication so every aspect of your riding can be commented on in ‘real time’. We will never have a ratio of more than 2 students per instructor and for a small premium you can have the instructor all to yourself.

Our courses are broken down into three specific areas although other individual requirements can be catered for:

* Back to Biking

* Pass Plus

* Advanced Riding

* Rospa Advanced Test – Mentoring

* Off Road ( from June 2017)

Back to Biking

If you hold a full motorcycle licence but have not ridden for some time this is the course you need. Our instructors skills and excellent levels of communication come into it’s own here as they have the right balance of confidence building and constant assessment of your progress during the day. The course will be designed to suit your particular needs and you decide the starting point, the instructors work with you to achieve the maximum level you can reach over the duration of your course.

Price £150


Pass Plus

If you have recently passed your full motorcycle test, then you may feel that a little help with road positioning, cornering, understanding the basic principles of your riding style and improving the feel of the machine then this course will help no end! As with all our courses you will be the one who decides the best place to start – our instructor will assess you and your riding and work with you to establish a firm foundation to make you a more polished rider.

Price £150


Advanced Riding

This really is the ultimate way to get the most out of you and your machine. The course will begin with a consultation so the instructor can get a feel for the aspects of your riding you feel could most be improved. You will then have a short classroom session discussing the theory behind positioning, planning and awareness, the system of motorcycle control, cornering and balance, acceleration and braking to name a few. You will spend the rest of the day out riding with stops to debrief you along the way helping you to put the technicalities into practice. The standard attained at the end of the course will mean that you are trained to a standard to take a ROSPA or IAM exam. The overall aim of this course is to make you a smoother, safer and more efficient and stylish rider.

Price £160


Rospa Advanced Riding Test – Final Preparation and Mentoring

With any of our courses should a rider wish to take an advanced test, then their development towards this has been a service we have always been able to offer and incorporated into the day. With 80% of our instructors being advanced examiners, we think we are in a strong position to offer that level or help and guidance that will maximise riders performance on the day. More recently there have been requests from riders that have been trained at a ‘club level’ who have requested our help as a final preparation prior to their test. With that in mind we have now created a half days training where riders can clarify any concerns, have practical instruction, observe a demo ride and complete a mock test with feedback based against the actual test standard.

Price £80


Off Road Skills (Strict T & C’s apply. Please contact for eligibility)

New for June 2017 we are able to develop riders ‘off road’ skills with a new centre that is being designed. With the increase in demand for adventure style bikes, riders can now develop their skills in safety. The terrain has been designed to enhance basic skills with climbs & descents, water, ditches, logs and rock sections. Each section is colour coded, this allows riders to tackle simple sections before attempting the more challenging areas. Our competition Gas Gas Trial bikes  will be used during the course of the day. The bikes and a open faced helmet are included in the price. The training ratio is very personalised with only two riders being coached per day. There are terms and conditions that strictly apply to riders and damage.

Price £150 (discounted to £130 if booking with a friend)


Payment Information

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* Payment – cheque, cash, Paypal, Pingit, Pay m or BAC’s

* Discounts Available when 2 days plus are booked or if you and a friend book at the same time.

* Total Advanced Training is registered with EDAP.

* Cancellations – please give as much notice as possible. In most circumstances your deposit will be transferred to a new date.

* For a small fee (£20) we can produce a DVD of your training experience with Total Advanced.

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