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Devitt and Total Advanced

For ten years we enjoyed an excellent relationship with Colchester based Bike Team Insurance Brokers that were committed to working together with us to make riders safer. In 2015 after an acquisition the relationship has not continued hence the need to find another broker who was equally as committed to recognising that riders who invest in additional training should be rewarded and offered better deals. Having recently met with Devitt Insurance, I’m pleased to announce they want to continue and build upon what Bike Team had started. This includes providing bike themed gift items to not only our customers but also for Essex Police Bike Safe goody bags and the same for the Fire Bike ‘ Better Biker’ courses. They also are prepared to provide our customers who attain the ‘in house’ accreditation (similar to Rospa bronze) discount on bike their insurance and a direct (advanced) on-line link for quotes. Other support is producing partnership banners and posters for the shows and the off road site. They also want us to produce training articles they will share on their own social media platforms encouraging riders to take up additional training. Having met the marketing team last week, I’m really looking forward to working with them in the future

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