First Hugger pit stop for 2016 is Sunday 22nd May.



Hugger Essex

Sunday 22nd May is the first scheduled ‘Pit Stop’ of the year, which is part of the Hugger Road Safety Scheme supported by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership. The initiative is aimed at engaging with motorcyclist and subject of their training needs, offering a variety of courses that they could consider to make them a safer rider. Most of these courses are either heavily subsidised or free. These include Bike Safe, Better Biker, Advanced Machine Skills or Advanced Training to name a few. Police will be in attendance, stopping the riders and there after I’m involved in the rider engagement and directing them into the best scheme for their needs. This was very popular last year with some pit stops getting over 100 riders signed up for additional training. This Sunday, the venue is the B184 as you exit Leaden Roding, Essex, which can be a popular biker route. There are 5 more pit stops scheduled later in the year at other locations. This is a great scheme aimed at educating & training riders and hopefully reducing biker accidents in Essex.

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