Restructuring of our trials experience days for 2021



New for April 2021


Over the last 5 months we have been busy trying to secure another ‘off road’ facility, which was ideally similar in design to our previous site. This was in an attempt to replicate a secure/safe location, which tested and challenged slow speed control over a variety of different terrains whilst catering for varying levels of ability. (It should be noted this was never intended to produce trials riders, but to give competent road riders an opportunity to develop their slow speed control on off road terrains.)
Despite considering and viewing many options, none were suitable or similar in ‘set up’ to our previous site.
Realising the need to be more flexible with our approach we opted to produce a new ‘off road’ experience based on the facilities that we could actually offer.
With that in mind the two options are:-
• A personalised ‘off road’ experience as a day guest at a members only 10 acre dedicated facility. The terrain is able to accommodate complete novices up to far more capable riders. Abiding by the strict club rules ensures you will be our sole guest and have access to the whole site. We will provide you with a Gasgas trials bike and can chaperone you throughout the day offering advice and guidance. We will transport the bike to the location and offer you the use of a trials helmet and provide guidance on suitable attire that will be needed.
This is a very unique offer and the price includes hire of the bike, guest membership, fuel, loan of a helmet and a chaperone for the 5 hour experience.

• An ‘off road’ experience at a 2 acre site which is completely flat and has no challenging terrains other than simple man made obstacles to test that slow speed control. This would ideally suit a rider that is lacking in confidence but still wants to improve slow speed control off road. With safety in mind the obstacles include cones to practice 180 & 360 degree turns on full lock, slalom, negotiating logs, balance beam etc. As above we will provide you with a Gasgas trials bike & helmet and transport the bike to the site. The price includes hire of the bike, day cost for use of the land, fuel, loan of the helmet and 5 hours of instruction.
For more information on either contact us.

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